Adjusted Trial Balance

An adjusted trial balance is a trial balance which is prepared after the preparation of adjusting entries. Adjusted trial balance contains balances of revenues and expenses along with those of assets, liabilities and equities. Adjusted trial balance can be used directly in the preparation of the statement of changes in stockholders' equity, income statement and the balance sheet. However it does not provide enough information for the preparation of the statement of cash flows.

The format of an adjusted trial balance is same as that of unadjusted trial balance.


The following adjusted trial balance was prepared after posting the adjusting entries of Company A to its general ledger and calculating new account balances:

Company A
Adjusted Trial Balance
January 31, 20X0
Accounts Receivable5,900
Office Supplies4,320
Prepaid Rent24,000
Accumulated Depreciation$1,100
Accounts Payable5,200
Utilities Payable3,964
Unearned Revenue1,000
Interest Payable150
Notes Payable20,000
Common Stock100,000
Service Revenue85,600
Wages Expense38,200
Supplies Expense18,480
Rent Expense12,000
Miscellaneous Expense3,470
Electricity Expense2,470
Telephone Expense1,494
Depreciation Expense1,100
Interest Expense150

The totals of an adjusted trial balance must be equal. Any difference indicates that there is accounting error in the journal entries or in the ledger or in the calculations.

The next step of accounting cycle is the preparation of closing entries.

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